Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect during a consultation?

Consultations are required before beginning any training program at Charlotte Fit. During this time, we will go over your health goals, exercise history, medical history and nutrition habits. This information will help us provide the best personal training program for you.

Do I need to come dressed in workout gear for my consultation?

You do not need to come dressed in workout attire. You will not participate in any exercise until you begin your first training session.

How much is training?

All training packages start at $215 for the month and include: customized workouts, nutrition coaching, assessments, and monthly progress reports. All sessions are 45 minutes and include the option to train in groups (1-4 people), semi-privately (1-2 people), or privately (1-on-1). 

How much is a consultation?

All consultations are $20. The consultation fee goes towards the training package of your choice.

What should I expect during a training session?

All training sessions are customized to fit the exact needs of each individual. Most sessions involve some combination of strength training and cardio in order to get the most effective results.

What makes CHarlotte Fit different from a regular gym?

Charlotte Fit is a private training studio where clients come for all personal training and nutrition needs. It is accessible by appointment only to ensure the privacy of each individual and to ensure that everyone is receiving personalized attention. In order to book an appointment, please call or schedule ahead.